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Urban Dad, What’s That All About?

I don’t live in the biggest city in the country, it’s the 25th largest in fact. I don’t live in the hippest place on the planet, though Bay View is attractive to hipsters, millennials and the like. What I do have, is the coolest job on the planet. I’m a dad, an Urban Dad.

The Urban Dad Idea

I started thinking about Urban Dad recently while having brunch at Seward Co-op Cafe in Minneapolis during a quick visit to the city. It’s sometimes tough being an Urban Dad if you don’t know many other dads, urban or otherwise. Sometimes it’s even tough if you do know a couple Urban dads but don’t get together with them regularly. So I thought about a place where dads could get daily information, have persistent resources for things like easy recipes, fun activities, and general information. An unexpectedly rainy day? Pop in to Urban Dad and find some fun activities for you to do with your kids. I also look forward to including other contributors over time because it takes a village to raise kids right.

Urban Dadology

An Urban Dad does more than just have a kid, or kids, and live in a city. He believes in bringing up his kids to be awesome human beings. He believes that they are constantly listening, and learning. He believes that how he treats others will be reflected in how his children treat others in the future. He believes that saying please and thank you are the bare minimum of being polite and in doing so, he teaches his children the same. He leads by example, and strives to be a positive role model for everyone around him, not just his children. An urban dad believes that all people are created equal and should be measured by the actions they take.

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