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toddler tablet

Urban Dad on Tablet Usage

Urban Dads loves technology because it can be super helpful in a lot of ways. Here’s one of my favorite kid-friendly technologies, the tablet, and how I use it in our everyday life here at the Urban Dad household.

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urban dadology

Urban Dad, What’s That All About?

I don’t live in the biggest city in the country, it’s the 25th largest in fact. I don’t live in the hippest place on the planet, though Bay View is attractive to hipsters, millennials and the like. What I do have, is the coolest job on the planet. I’m a dad, an Urban Dad.

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Welcome to Urban Dad

Urban Dad is a resource for city-living dads everywhere and aims to supply:

While we definitely don’t have it anywhere near as rough as all mothers, there are things that we just inherently don’t know. And in classic guy fashion, we don’t like to ask for help, or directions. OK, that’s a gross misrepresentation through stereotyping and that’s not right. The idea of Urban Dad is to help dads everywhere be better dads, husbands, partners, and humans. That will also help us raise better kids, because it takes a village to raise a child and we can be that village.

Help for Urban Dads

Being an urban dad can be trying at times, especially if you haven’t got a lot of other urban dads in your friends circles, or if you’re new to being a dad. We’re here to help all urban dads get comfortable in their new role and help them be the best dads they can be. Fathers need to do right by our kids so they grow up to be meaningful members of society and help create a better, brighter future for everyone.

If you’ve got tips, recipes, activities or ideas, drop us a line. We’re more than happy to hear from everyone about their experiences as urban dads, their ideas on how to do something better and their thoughts and concerns on specific topics.

Let’s raise awesome humans together!