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Urban Dad Moment – The Compassion of Doc McStuffins

I was sitting and playing a quick couple levels of a video game while my daughter was playing with her hoppy horse. As I was in between levels of the game I noticed that something was wrong. So I decided to see what was up as she looked concerned over hoppy horse. I knew that look. It’s the look Doc McStuffins gives to a sick toy. Yes, you end up watching a lot of cartoons, even passively, as your child grows up.

Urban Daughter told me that hoppy horse was sick. I asked Doc McStuffins Pet Vet kit with catwhat kind of sick he was and she said she wasn’t sure. So we went rummaging around her toys for her stethoscope, part of the Doc McStuffins Pet Vet Carrier.  This kit allows kids to pretend to be toy vets like Doc does in the cartoon, Doc McStuffins. I’ll tell you why I like that show after the rest of this story.

Unable to find the stethoscope we decide to go a more creative route. We find some canvas I had lying about and a plastic cup. We use the plastic cup to listen to hoppy horse’s heartbeat, which I make by tapping him on the other side as we listen. Seems OK to me. But then he decides that he’s hurt his foot and we need to bandage him up. Luckily, we have some spare canvas to do just that.

I go back to playing the game and she continues to tend to hoppy horse. They decide he needs a quick nap and they head for the bedroom. Then she comes doc mcstuffins esqueback out of the bedroom with the plastic cup. She looks around the living room and then goes to the steamer trunk I have and pretends to tap water from one of the latches.

That was a proud moment for me. Her imagination is growing and instead of trying to use something real to get water for her horse, she used something that had a similar action to a water tap handle. By moving the latch up and down a little she was able to imagine she had pumped some water into the cup and then took the cup to the ailing hoppy horse.

Urban Dad Loves Doc McStuffins

There are a lot of educational cartoons out there these days that are great and I’m sure I’ll end up talking about them all sooner or later. Doc McStuffins is a Disney Studios cartoon that teaches kids some really basic scientific method as they try to figure out what is wrong with a toy and how best to help it. It also talks about being nice to each other, helping others when they are in need and generally being an awesome human. Many of the toys are also geared toward that same thing. The Pet Vet On the Go Pet Carrier has things like a stethoscope, otoscope (for checking ears), an animal cone (for going around their head), food/water dish, etc. It’s a great kit that doesn’t have any small pieces which was perfect for my then 2-year-old and still is now that she’s three.

The Doc McStuffins toys really help develop her compassion for other living beings, animal, human, plush or inflated. Nothing makes me prouder than when she gets upset because someone or something is hurt and she asks if we can go try to help. That’s all part of raising an awesome human in my book.

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One comment on “Urban Dad Moment – The Compassion of Doc McStuffins

  1. Earlier this week I took my grand daughter to visit an 87 year old friend in the hospital.
    She checked out the patient added a (play) band aid and told the patient to get well soon. Also while there she without prodding sang the twinkle twinkle little star song and also the A B C’s song which gave the patient a great smile. She was very compassionate when I showed her a terrible bruise the patient had and again without prodding tried to give her a kiss to make it better. Without being scared I needed to lift her so that she could give the bruise a very compassionate kiss. This trip was an adventurous trip for all concerned including me. Kids are SO much smarter and compassionate than we give them credit for. I could see the patient get better as I stood there……..

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