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3 Tips to Start Kids Reading

As a writer, author, and father, I love reading. Not only is it a great form of entertainment, but it’s a vital skill for all children to begin developing early. I have been trying to instill a love of reading in my daughter for the past year and it’s really paying off. We can spend more than an hour together reading various books that she loves. She’s even at the point where she’s trying to read them on her own.

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Urban Dad Moment – The Compassion of Doc McStuffins

I was sitting and playing a quick couple levels of a video game while my daughter was playing with her hoppy horse. As I was in between levels of the game I noticed that something was wrong. So I decided to see what was up as she looked concerned over hoppy horse. I knew that look. It’s the look Doc McStuffins gives to a sick toy. Yes, you end up watching a lot of cartoons, even passively, as your child grows up.

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